Beach Rocks
17th - 22nd June 2021 and 16th - 21st September 2021

(Five Nights)

This is a very unique, beautiful and gentle retreat that focusses on the ancient art of Qi Gong (often referred to as the “internal portion” of tai chi) meditation and relaxation in the beautiful natural surroundings of the French Riviera. Your teachers who between them have over 50 years experience of practising and teaching Qi Gong, will be Carol and Dr Don Harradine (PhD - master instructor for the Zhong Ding International Martial Arts Assoc).

This retreat is about working with your own internal energy as well as the energy that is all around you in order to achieve increased personal resilience as well as helping you to re-discover inner peace and harmony. No previous experience of Qi Gong or meditation is required but the retreat is also suitable for those who are already experienced in these techniques and who simply wish to attend for personal development or to gain a deeper level of understanding whilst spending time in one of the world’s most magical places with its forests, mountains and stunning coastline.

This experience is also a sensory journey where pressing the “pause” button and emptying your mind of daily stresses comes easy. Unplug from digital overload and hurried meals to linger in the delightful sensory experiences that we have created for you that seek to reacquaint one intimately with the beauty of life and nature as may be experienced through your amazing five senses.

What's Included:

• Private chauffeured collection from Nice Airport (subject to agreed timings).
• Bathrobes, fluffy towels and one of our signature meditation soy candles glowing softly and waiting for you in your room.
• Accommodation for five nights and exclusive use of all villa facilities including use of hot forest facing outdoor showers - a beautiful experience by night.
• All meals which are nutritious, healthy and made by us from local products (on one day we shall explore Ayurvedic eating and on another day Raw Foods) - our attention to table presentation is exceptional.
• Final night 5 course decadent dinner served on fine white bone china - a special experience when we invite nature to our table and indulge our tastebuds.
• All soft drinks, teas, coffee (24-hour station) - limited wine with dinner. We also take great pleasure in introducing you to our homemade flower infused cocktails.
• All excursions, experiences and tuition privately escorted by us.


Daily Qi Gong, Meditation and Relaxation sessions out in the hills, by lakes and waterfalls and other places of breathtaking natural beauty.

Mindful hiking to the charming hilltop medieval village of Gourdon to experience unparalleled stillness.

An opportunity to swap chlorine for the great outdoors and dip your toes in the water, go swimming or paddleboarding in a lake or waterfall and feel truly alive!

Enchanting picnics in special secret places not on the tourist map where we shall enjoy mindful eating accompanied by re-energising meditations.

Visit to the french village of St Cezaire to experience an authentic local french market where you can reacquaint yourself with your amazing five senses.

There is also an option (at an additional reasonable cost) to enjoy a massage by our private pool, in your room or other location in our peaceful and tranquil gardens.


Qigong, pronounced "chee-gong" is a generic term for ancient Chinese exercise and healing systems (some claim with a history of 4,000 years) that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement. In traditional Chinese culture Qi is believed to be a vital energy force forming part of all living entities that includes breath, circulation and spirit.
If you research the phrase Qigong, you will find many different approaches and explanations of this wonderful art that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and more recently from research by modern science.
Generally these meditative exercises seek to provide wellbeing and energy for the body and peace for the mind. You may hear Qigong being referred to as an "internal art" which refers to the importance of practice in terms of the benefits to the internal workings of the body as well as the benefits which may be witnessed externally.
Traditionally, Qigong was passed in secret from master to student in elite unbroken lineages orally within particular communities and martial families, although some ancient texts do exist. The knowledge was considered secretive and esoteric traditions of training with an emphasis on meditative practice by scholars and martial artists was the norm. Fortunately in these modern days, things are much less secretive and many of the traditional systems are openly taught throughout the world for the benefit of all.
Taiji (Tai Chi) is often discussed in the same context as Qigong, however Tai Chi is a martial art that can be traced back to around 1700 in China although there are earlier claims to its origins albeit they are vague. Although a martial art, it incorporates the underlying principles found in most forms of Qigong and in common with certain other arts, is referred to as an "internal art".
The training approaches of Taiji and other traditional martial arts incorporate various Qigongs in their syllabus as a means to enhance the health and physical attributes of their players and indeed Taiji forms when practised correctly are indeed excellent Qigong.

Today many Tai Chi classes teach Qigong and Taiji purely for their health benefits.

Qigong is a beautiful, life enhancing art form that you can learn and practise to improve many aspects of your total health and wellbeing as well as helping you to build resilience for facing the challenges of a modern world.



per person depending upon room occupancy