About Romancing the Ordinary


Romancing the Ordinary is an “extraordinary retreat” concept inspired and created by Helen Bell.  Helen  is the mother of two daughters and four grandchildren and is a former award winning corporate lawyer who has always held a deep passion and interest in health and wellness. A lifelong lover of nature she, she seeks to actively promote the health benefits that can be achieved by engaging with our natural world in everything she does.   


Helen is an intrepid adventurer who has  travelled the world  extensively including riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle around India. She has flown as well as sky dived from old vintage aeroplanes, and holds a Day Skipper yacht sailing qualification.   She was a qualified scuba diving instructor who  taught many others how to enjoy the beauty and nature  of the underwater world and also enjoys skiing. 


She decided to leave  the legal profession five years ago to set up her own health and wellness retreats  business that she has been running since then in the South of France.  Last year, due to the travel restrictions she decided to relocate the concept to her home county of Lincolnshire but will be opening her new retreat centre in the Dordogne region of France in 2023.  For 2022 she will be working in partnership with the internationally acclaimed Health and Wellness expert Dr Sandra McCutcheon, (mindfullness skills4life).


Helen chooses to follow a path influenced by Buddhist and Daoist teachings and describes this part of her life as the “last transformation”.  A qualified teacher, Helen teaches Qigong  which is a beautiful body and breath practise based on gentle martial arts style movement that she  sometimes sets to beautiful music  and which she firmly believes is one of a number of “magic keys” that can open the  door to achieving better health, success and  longevity. 

Helen is one of the speakers invited to present her story at the International Women's Day 2022.